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Throughout the years, the technology market has been struggling to have a good tool that could help the building and maintenance of knowledge.

This is such a reality that it became a joke how people involved in software projects simply do not document. They do not feel encouraged or determined enough to take the steps necessary to do it. The platforms available are usually too complex or do not have all tools necessary. So, why would someone make an effort to use something that it’s actually boring and counter-productive?

Lack of knowledge resources means complex and high-priced projects. The capacity of creating and sharing knowledge is one of the most problematic challenges on software development. It is really expensive to keep ideas inside employee’s heads because, if he or she leaves, the whole project is compromised.

WordsTree is here to make the Knowledge Journey a breeze since it provides a tool set that makes all of the documentation simple, easy and, most importantly, possible! The idea came after we realized how important it is to produce knowledge and how the market does not provide a platform to do it with all features and tools that a developer needs. We decided to put it all in one single place: executable snippets, bookmarks, code highlights, version control, markdown, diagrams, code formatter, static documentation, and much more. It still a work in progress, but at the end of the day developers will have their roles facilitated by tools that fill this productivity gap.

Our goal is to build a community where developers around the world will be able to contribute with each other.

We’d love to hear from you. Register today and be a Beta Tester, just click here. Having a say on this project and helping us to build the product will finally defy the status quo and improve your’s and our’s knowledge journey.